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Selling my '51 Buescher Aristocrat alto saxophone...etc.

I have to say, some of the iinks here at Saxquest don't work well or even at all, with my Mac G4 using dial-up. And trying to post with my original writing divided into paragraphs also seems beyond the web site's capacities.//paragraph// I have a nice 1951 Buescher Aristocrat I just posted for sale in the "trades" area of Saxquest; but, am not really sure what I should sell for?//paragraph// My interest in music and particularly the saxophone really murdered my life as a creative endeavor; something I got sucked into during high school, when as a feasible profession this was ludicrous.//paragraph// I've some fine musician friends I enjoy and respect; but, whose own orientation to the sphere underlines the stupidity I'd been abused by.//paragraph// I remember one early informant, the owner of Pender's Music next the campus in Denton, TX of North Texas University, the year I was there in '70-'71 as the least talented of 2000 music majors; mentioning of the '70 Selmer Mark VI tenor I'd gotten new the year after high school working for BOEINGS, that typically high school band directors got healthy kick-backs getting student musicians to buy new professional line horns. I'd paid $600 when a friend from Snohomish where I'd gone to high school, was trying to sell me a SML for $225 who must've thought I was an idiot; someone a few years older than me, but an accomplished professional doing R & B as well as lounge style jazz who effortlessly played both as if Junior Walker or also Stan Getz when twenty-one years old-with a vocabulary so heavily laced with "the N-word" I still won't have hardly anything to do with that clique, I've never well understood.//parapgraph// This Buescher is pretty nice, but not like one I'd handled in an used horn shop in Olympia, WA quite few years ago; which just felt superb. They are identical instruments, but the one in the shop felt like any of the other finest altos I've had awhile, a new Buffet in '67, Selmer Mark VI #83038,* a fine King Super 20, a Conn 6M in a pawn shop recently overhauled by a woman technician in Spokane, and also my current Yamaha YAS-23 which reminds me of the Buffet. I'm not sure if this Buescher Aristocrat is really much different from the other, and a local repairman I tend to distrust acts like he thinks the horn is fine. When played compared to the Yamaha I need more focus and power; while the YAS-23 seems to speak more easily though with perhaps not the tone of the Buescher. I also have a '29 Buescher alto in need of an overhaul, which when playable seemed to have a great tone, but whose mechanism sure seemed clunky.//paragraph// I used to really hate my father's high school King pre-Super 20 H. N. White I got started on in the fifth grade in band. Which was really clunky he'd gotten used from an alcoholic in Aberdeen, WA where Hugo Helmervick had been his band instructor who eventually authored a book on directing high school bands while the director of public music education for the city of New York; until my father quit to devote himself to varsity athletics after his sophomore year, though mentioning soloing on "Harlem Nocturn" in performance prior to then.//paragraph// I learned my ancestry is Romani/Gypsy circa '98 reading Franz LIszt's THE GIPSIES IN MUSIC I'd chanced upon homeless living out of my cars, at the Berkeley Public Library; and have since gotten involved in Voice of Roma;

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    Re: Selling my '51 Buescher Aristocrat alto saxophone...etc.

    Well, the paragraphs came out fine after all. I'm burnt out or I'd do this over again. Should be pretty clear though as is.

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