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by ccmbl
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8 years ago

1953 SBA Paris Condition and Price

Hi there, I am new to this forum. I recently went through my basement in a purging effort. I found the two saxaphones I played ~20 years ago. I am trying to access one's value to give a fair price. I did a little research and I think the alto is a 1953 sba Paris. It has the (silver, high F# key ,serial 55177). The neck appears original. There seems to be no re-pairs and no dents. Tough part is weather it is truly silver or not. The finish is pretty worn, almost looks like gold/brass like and underneath silver...? It doesn't seem to be re-finshed though. Instead it just seems worn and pitted abit. The resonators are plastic. I think I had this re-padded 20 years ago. Anyway, I see alot of high prices for pristine ones. I purchased this from a sax dealer 20 years ago in oakland ca. I heard the tones should be rounded. What I remember of this was it had a fairly bright tone for this model. Thanks for any advice. I can send pictures. ccmbl

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  1. by ccmbl
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    8 years ago

    Re: 1953 SBA Paris Condition and Price

    The other one is a 900 u Yanagisawa tenor sax I must have bought around graduation 1991-2. It's in mint condition.

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