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by mikeyh
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8 years ago

Mystery King Voll Tone (NOT Voll True) Alto

I'm looking for info on an old King alto I just picked up on eBay. It is a King Voll TONE horn, which I can't find info about anywhere. When I bid on it, I figured the seller was just mixing up the name Voll True, but when it arrived, sure enough "Voll Tone" is stenciled right there on the bell! The only thing I could find through Google was an old forum thread, which can be seen here: The poster seemed as confused as I was, but there is little info in the responses. Most seem to think (s)he was just misreading the name. I posted another thread on that website, but haven't gotten any substantive responses. I also posted many photos in the thread I began on saxontheweb, which can be found here: (Scroll down for photos). Visually, It looks to me like it's very similar to a Voll True I, but I'd love for more expert eyes to take a look. Does anyone know anything about the history of this horn? Was Voll Tone an early name for the Voll True? Or was it a step-up or step-down horn? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mike

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