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by adetenor
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8 years ago


Tempo....if you are about...check this. The growl thing yeah. Been playing a "Runyon Quantum" tenor mpc. last few days. It has a detachable spoiler. Heard about these things for years, but dismissed them as a gimick. I am still on the fence.....but they work. Not a big Texas roar....but a grit that is cool. I am not keeping it....but try one. The new/vintage? rubber link is a great mpc.......that i am keeping. Also RCP....gonna make me a screamer for next year. Yeah. ....Later

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  1. by tempomaster
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    8 years ago

    Re: r.e.....growl.

    Ade, Been away in Italy for the last few weeks. Good to be back stateside. Thanks for the info, will definitely look into the Runyon Quantum mp. RCP? Please keep me updated on any further mp discoveries. Thanks - TM

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