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by chili
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7 years ago

What is my sax?

I asked before, but got no answers so I thought I would try again. I recently received an old sax that I would like to find out more about its history. On the front is a knight and below it says Cavalier and Elkhart IND USA On the back it has: Patd Sept 15 1915 above 1158499 above A above 0153 above L. It is silver (plated I assume) and there is a thin bridge between the body of the sax and the bell and also a tristar Mercedes Benz type guard on lower C? There are pearls or shell on many of the keys. I would appreciate any help that you can give me regarding this sax.

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  1. by kmterrill
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    7 years ago

    Re: What is my sax?

    Well, If it says, PATD.SEPT.14.1915 on the first line. And it says 1153489 on the second line. With the A and the L, I'd say you've got a low pitch Conn Pan American Alto...

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