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by saxman77
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13 years ago

Looking for feedback on tenor saxophone playing

Hey guys. I play tenor saxophone in my high school combo, and I recently played a version of Cannonball Adderley's "Poor Butterfly" in a concert. I was wondering if you have any feedback - good or bad - for me. I'm just looking for ways to get better. Here is the link to the performance:

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  1. by scarter6
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    13 years ago

    Re: Looking for feedback on tenor saxophone playing

    as a highschool performance, that was pretty good. One thing you could try is to put more improvisation into the main lick after you play the first time or two. You added a few things, but it sounded like something different was added in the same places. On solos, start off simple, and work them up, on the last time through, build it up with both dynamics and movement from note to note. Don't forget that resting is important as well. Sometimes the best solos concentrate on one single not played over and over again for a bar or two. Keep up the good work.

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