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by trombone and sax player
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13 years ago

Has anyone hear of Ashley saxophones?

Has anyone heard of Ashley saxophones? I was told that they are a brand from Europe, but that is about all i can find on them. I am just starting the saxophone, so I just want one that is sturdy and sound pretty good.

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  1. by pietjepur
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    13 years ago

    Re: Has anyone hear of Ashley saxophones?

    i once had placed an advertisement about saxophones you must not buy Condor-La/Sax-Staumbach-My First Sax-Eastman-Durbin-Aurora-Mellee-Swingplanck-Topsax-Mastertone-German made without an brand name (from Taiwan)Mainmusic/Stagg-The Golden Eagle-The Pink Panter-HLSAX-Trevor/James-Roy/Benson-Rosseau-My Sax-Kingsor-Orpheo-goud/blauw/zwart/rood super/sax-MaestroHorns-Everest-Nieuwe Messingkl-DixonToyama-Nieuw Bling Bling there where some people that wanted to kill me and now maybey some more don't buy this saxophone the USA is full of vintage american saxophones buy theme Conn-Buescher-King-The Martin and the stencils of these brands and offcourse Selmer but you pay for the name there are american saophones that are better then Selmer but never buy a saxophone oot of the far east reg. pietjepur

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