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by Stephanelli
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7 years ago

How good are Alto Selmer Aristocrat AS600 Sax's and wondering about difference in 2 Selmers

My son has been playing this horn since he begin band in middle school and is now a freshman in HS. He has advanced greatly and plans to make Music his major in college. I just wonder if this horn is good enough or if we need to go to a more advanced one?? We have had to get quite a few repairs on it here and there. A guy at the local music shop (of course hes in it for the money) said that my son will certainly want to move up to a yaniwasaki (spelling??) a $5,000 sax before long..?? My son plays in marching band and concert band and has played in Jazz band and is VERY DEVOTED to playing.. any suggestions or thoughts as i am totally clueless and uneducated on instruments!! Thanks so much!! :)) One more question also.. my best friends daughter has a brand new Selmer AS500 (not aristocrat like my sons) i just wonder what is the main difference in the two of these???

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