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by mayhem
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8 years ago

mouth piece question

I have a 1917-24 Tenor Low, CG Conn Ltd. with a serial # in the 65000 range. Does using a vintage mouthpiece make a difference when playing these older instruments? If so, does anyone have any recommendations? I played in hs, 30 years ago. I bought this at a pawn shop and had it serviced. Howver, when I bought a mouth piece I purchased a less expensive student model. BTW - Is this horn worth keeping? Is it a fairly descent model? Any ideas on the value?

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    8 years ago

    Re: mouth piece question

    I have an old alto (not nearly as old, though) on which the newer mouthpieces do not fit well. I use a Conn Eagle mouthpiece I was able to obtain on Ebay which works very well. However, the best way to know what works best is to try different things. If you go to an instrumental music store, many will let you try various mouthpieces to see what works best for you and the horn. The people there will also be able to tell you whether the horn is worth keeping... though remember they might try to sell you a new horn! Did the person who did the service not give you any advice on the horn?

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