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8 years ago

Case question

I posted over in the repair forum, asking whether it would be better to try to repair an original case for a 6m Conn, or to throw it out, since the foam is disintegrating into a fine grey powder. Thought I'd better post it here as well! (The horn is in a different case so that the powder does not get into the horn.)

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  1. by jtf1459
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    7 years ago

    Re: Case question

    Sax Mom: I'm no case expert, but I do have some experience in the area. Here's the problem: You can't afford to pay someone to refurbish that old case. The labor alone would be as much as a good overhaul. From a purely financial perspective, you have to throw the old case in the trash and look for a new one. (Expect to pay $150 to $300.) Having said this, if your old case has good hardware, and a decent exterior cover; and if you are patient and handy; and if you have 8 to 16 hours to kill, you CAN re-pad and re-line that old case. I have refurbished a couple of flute cases with great success. If you decide to try it, I recommend that you order the velvet made specifically for instrument cases. (The fabric store variety is not as plush or heavy.)

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