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by swiss horn
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7 years ago


one of my horns (Mark VI) has a bad looking laquer: it blisters and peels off. Does anyone have experience with taking the laquer completely away. It can hardly look worse than it looks now, but does it change the sound?? or does it look good? or should I defenitly relaquer? (I don't like the look of a new horn) Thanks for any answer based on experience

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  1. by cuber
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    7 years ago

    Re: delaquer?

    Just let it be. Typically, when you remove the original laquer, it has a tendency to significantly decrease the value of the horn. Also it does have a tendency to change the sound.

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  2. by johnnybrock
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    6 years ago

    Re: delaquer?

    What's going on with it to make it blister and peal. This sounds really unusual. Pls advise. I had a 61xxx series VI once a long time ago that had probably never been to a shop for any reason but was definitely in need of what was probably it's first overhaul. I took it to a guy named Steve at Best Music in Oakland who did an amazing job on it. He "brushed" it in all the places where there were spots. The unlacquered areas were nicely blended in with the lacquered ares, thus producing a great sound without defacing the instrument. It looked, sounded and played better than it did before and also maintained it's value. This was done along time ago and I haven't heard of this process being done in recent years, but it might be the way to go in your particular case. But pls tell me more about this blistering. Thx, jb

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