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7 years ago

1922 Conn Alto Silver Saxophone

Hi everyone. I was wondering if it was possible to trace the history of a saxophone this old? It has a serial number of A 92388 L which I discovered was made in 1922. I don't want to sell it, I am just curious of it's history. I played a Tenor Sax in a marching band in the mid-60's and bought this Conn in Germany 1976 thinking I would start playing again. It didn't happen. In 1992 I had all the pads replaced and had it examined, but who knows how knowledgeable the people were that looked at it? Somehow, when I was in Germany in 1997 the mouthpiece disappeared. I was letting my ex wife and step son stay in my home in Texas while I was away. Big mistake. Lots of things came up missing. Here are some small pictures of it, I can't find the original larger pictures. Thanks, Bob Smith - Texas

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