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7 years ago

Looking for the cheapest new tenor sax

Hi all, This is my first post, and I am looking for a very affordable, yet good in quality sax. I play the Akai ewi now, and have played a wooden flute when I was younger, kind of have the feel for the notes already. I generally want to use the sax to learn to play for myself and in church, where I'd play small fill-ins and solo's for mostly pop, soft rock, and perhaps an occasional jazz song. I'll never play in a brass band, most bands I play in exists out of the standard 5 piece: Vocals, drums, piano, bass, and (electric) guitar; and me on sax. I'm not much of a sax player, and I never intend to get a career going in that direction. I might even not like playing the sax, and toss it to the side after a year, so affordable is the key, and not so bad sounding that I'd throw it away the first week. I mainly aim to play just for fun, something to keep me busy on occasions when there is no electricity (for monitors or my pc) to use the EWI; on small trips and weekends, where the possibility exists that the instrument could get damaged or stolen. I've read silver plated saxes are the brightest. I don't really know what kind of sound I should look for. I like both bright and something with strong low notes, and on occasions some saxes strong in mids can sound good too! I'd say if I can find a sax that sounds 85% like a real sax, and costs 15% of a real sax I'm happy! I'm rather a tall man with large hands, and prefer saxes that are rather light to carry (thin wall?, I personally am not too fond of heavy weights on my neck) I've read about plastic body saxes, are they good sounding and expensive? I've also seen many saxes available in different colors, do the addition of colors alter the tone? (eg: one may have a sax in silver, gold, black, red and blue)... I just don't know where to start... One thing I do know, I had 2 saxes in the past, but sold one immediately, as the lower notes where off by a quarter to half a note. I want one that is accurate, sounds good and is cheap. Under 500, preferably under 400 if possible. (I'd be really interested if the sax is accurate, sounds ok, and costs less than 200) Would I find a decent sax for this value(or cheaper)? When I'd add a little reverb, could I get a decent sound out of a sax like this?

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  1. by gloss1
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    6 years ago

    Re: Looking for the cheapest new tenor sax

    If you want to have loads of fun get you a vintage c-melody saxophone that has good pads. I have rebuilt about 28-30 of these and they are awesome players. Use an alto mouthpiece on them. Don't use a c melody mouthpice as it will be too stuffy and hard to blow. You can get some great c melodies in your price range easily on Ebay. Blessings and good luck.

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