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by schmiffee
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7 years ago

Conn Alto...dunno...

I have stumbled across an Alto sax that has the following information on the back, and I have decoded most of it, but unfortunately some things do not add up from the other posts that I have read on here and elsewhere. The detail on the back is as follows: PATD DEC.8.1914 1110054 C (or O...not too sure) 113352 H Can someone help this a concert pitch sax?? Come to think of it, it did seem to be a little bit bigger than my alto....

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  1. by dgallego
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    6 years ago

    Re: Conn Alto...dunno...

    The H means that it is a High Pitch horn. A is not equal to 440 which is the current standard. A is a bit higher and the horn is set accordingly. I would look at the Conn dating information that has been posted here before. It sounds like it is a C melody from the C on the coding. Is it larger then a standard alto but smaller then a tenor? It is probabley not worth much as a player but it could be interesting as a collectable. I have a high pitch Alto from the 1880 neat horn, plays well with a good tone for early jazz. But very difficult to keep in tune with the rest of the guys. It is a fun horn but if you are looking for a player to gig with or do some other group work. Run Away Where did you find it? How much are they asking?

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