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by kdestef97
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7 years ago

vintage conn alto sax??

Good evening all. I was wandering if anyone could help by giving me some info on my sax. I aquired it years ago and when I played it it had a fantastic sound. It's not really been played for about 15 years as I play my clarinet. I am now thinking of selling as would love the funds to buy a decent digital piano! Having had a good browse round various sites I am a bit perplexed as to what it may be worth! It Is Conn Alto, PN 'M246842A'/ It is patented as dec 8th 1914 with the number 1119954 underneath. It has rolled mother of pearl keys and mother of pearl inset lower keys. NO tuning barrel on the neck though. I think it has original leather pads on some of the lower keys. The finish looks a mix of gold and silver so I am not sure if its from age or an original finish as I know the Chu Berry had some various ones in the 20-30s. It has the engraving on the bell of Made by CG Conn , Elkhart USA. Its a beautiful little sax with a great sound, also with original case. Can anyone help em with more details, ie actual name, Chu Berry etc and even a possible valuation!! Thank you , awaiting patiently, Kat

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  1. by saxismyaxe
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    7 years ago

    Re: vintage conn alto sax??

    You horn is not a New Wonder Series II i.e. so called "Chu Berry". It is what is often referred to as a "transitional" model made in they early 1930's (1931-1932 in this case), nick named this because it exhibits aspects of the earlier New Wonder II, and the successive "Artist/Naked Lady/Lady Face" model. Condition and original finish has everything to do with value, but it is likely going to fetch at least $1,300+ with the price increasing with it's overall condition.

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