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by Fester
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7 years ago

Buecher True tone C Mel SN & Logo

I am looking at a Buescher True tone it is I think a C-Mel (no I cant measure it at the time of this post) its SN is 139572. The SN chart would put it at 1923 an I looked at a few photos as reference, but I noticed it does NOT have the fin below the bow (although the bottom of the neck does). Also, the logo is The Buecher Elkhart Ind (with scrolling) but the true tone does not have the scolling just the bell in triangle..above it is the SN in a semi circle with Low Pitch beneath that...Can anyone help me ID it before I make a long drive??? Thanks! Fester

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  1. by Fester
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    7 years ago

    Re: Buescher True-Tone C Mel SN & Logo

    As an update....First sorry about the typos in the original post. The sax measured 24 1/4 inches so I'm confident it is a C-mel but if anyone can confirn anything else (model etc) and if the differences noted were just related to the specific model, it would be appreciated.! Fester

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