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by lightning337
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7 years ago

Newbie question about pads

Can bad pads affect the "octaving"? For example i hit my E & D on my BbTenor... You know the E when 3 on the left hand, 2 on the right with the octave key... and sometimes it doesnt hit the right pitch or octave... it will hit a higher octave... i noticed the 2 pads look very bad (they're very tore up) But every other note not using that key i hit fine at perfect pitch, even altissimo notes. I DID notice when i put a fresh reed in it hits pretty well. 'Could be a reed issue. But do you guys think that pads can cause that as well?

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  1. by Lord
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    7 years ago

    Re: Newbie question about pads

    Yes, if there is some air between pads and holes ;)

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