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by lanvaettir
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6 years ago

Vintage Buescher 400 Alto - #307568 - Where do I start???

I just purchased a vintage Buescher 400 at an auction and I want to start playing. I used to play the clarinet fairly well and can get some wonderful sounds from it already but I'm a still a total sax noob. Here's my once over:The pads look good. All the keys work. Only very minor scuffs. No dings or scratches. It's a beautiful thing. What do I need to do to make sure this is in good enough shape to start practicing on? How much should I insure it for? What's a good starting alto sax music book? (Jazz leaning if possible)) Can I send send it off to be checked out or should I keep looking for a local "expert"? (I live in Mass) Any recommendations?

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