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by saxymkvi
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7 years ago

1985 Yanagisawa 880 alto

Hi everyone! I just picked up a sweet Yanagisawa alto that is stamped 880. From the serial number, it would date to around 1985. It has the gold plated neck with a brass bow and bell. I was told that the body tube was sterling silver, but it doesn't say "sterling" on it anywhere. The body tube has a slight red/orange cast to it and looks like it might be bronze plated or maybe has a colored lacquer???? The ribbed posts are all gold lacquer and there are no signs of aftermarket plating or relacquering. Whatever the materials are, they are factory. Does anyone know about Yanagisawa models of this era or know of a link to an '84-'85 catalog I could look at to see what material/finish options were available? I think I am dealing with a sterling tube with maybe a bronze plate on the outside??? I thought sterling was always stamped "sterling"- and if it is not silver- it is certainly not brass, so what is it? Thanks in advance for any information:)

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  1. by jonah.henry
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    7 years ago

    Re: 1985 Yanagisawa 880 alto

    I have a Yani 880 alto. It is all sterling silver but it doesnt say sterling on it. I believe the modern ones do say that though. Great horn, I hope you enjoy it!

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