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by blog234
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20 years ago

I need some tenor sax music...

I've haven't played for a year and what I was playing in jazz band was crap, and our teacher was crap...(he didn't like teaching so now he's off in europe) So now I have to find 15 minutes worth of music to play, solo. I'm not in jazz/regular band, so its just me. I picked up Tenor Madness by Rollins to just work thru, but I need some other, maybe difficult pieces. Any suggestions?

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  1. by divesta
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    20 years ago

    Re: I need some tenor sax music...

    What kind of music are you looking for? Why are you playing solo for 15 minutes. If I knew some of that I maybe able to help you find some music, but it is hard not knowing what you are playing for.

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