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by myrtle
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13 years ago

Conn 30M

Hi folks, I have just acquired a 1937 conn 30M which needs an overhaul. Any thoughts on the type of pads and resonators I should use? I don't want the horn to sound harsh.

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  1. by tsmith800
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    12 years ago

    Re: Conn 30M

    Give music medic a call, they have almost every pad and resonator made!
    Good luck! 

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    1. by Saxquest
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      12 years ago

      Re: Conn 30M

      Hi Adrian-

           We've repadded many Conn 30M Connqueror tenors at Saxquest over the years. I can give you some advise regarding pads based on trial and error with many different types of pads over the years. First, I would not recommend using a super hard pad on saxes with rolled tone holes. What you want is a good semi-firm pad that's not too thick. The thickness is an issue because Conn 30Ms have moderately shallow pad cups. If you use too thick of a pad it will feel spongy no matter how perfect you set it up. In our shop we've had great success on 10M and 30M tenors using both non-stick Valentino and Pisoni Pro pads. I might lean towards the Pisoni Pro for a 30M because its just a bit thinner than the Valentino. However, I must say that I do love the feel you get from a perfectly seated Valentino pad. These are both good durable pads that are firm but not overly hard. They also tend to be very stable over time which is critical if you play a lot and don't want to be bringing your horn in for regulation every other month.

      I know I'm going to get some purists out there who disagree with me, but I would NOT recommend using Conn Reso pads. These pads have a wire rim around the edge and tend to tear or rip at the edges over time. They are also more difficult to work with over time as the horn settles out and needs to be regulated. Definitely not a very forgiving pad.

      I also saw Music Medic mentioned in this thread. Music Medic is a great company and I buy lots of stuff from Curt including pads. However, Music Medic pads are just a bit firmer than I personally like on a rolled tone hole 30M. I like them better on a Selmer Mark VI or SBA and use them regularly on these horns. Although, I would be more comfortable using this pad on a 30M if I knew it was for one of our local customers and I knew that our shop would be doing the maintenance on the instrument. Here's why: Music Medic pads are Roo pads. Kangaroo leather is extremely tough (which is great) but Roo pads are the firmest pad around and seem to get even harder as time goes on. This is great from the standpoint of durability and feel. But not so great in terms of forgiveness. The slightest bump and these pads can start to leak. That being said, I enjoy the feel you get from a Roo pad immediately after the repad perhaps more so than any other pad. Also, they are so hard that they are difficult to work with for techs not familiar with them. I hesitate to use Roo pads on my long distance customers who are not around a good local shop because your average tech will struggle with this pad trying to float them or reseat them when the horn goes out of adjustment. Once you get used to them and understand this pad a bit more its really not that difficult to work with. But the fact remains that most repair tech struggle with Roo pads.

      I hope this helps and gives you some direction in your quest for the best pad for your needs.

      As for resonators, I recommend TM Custom seamless screw back resonators. They are extremely good but somewhat pricey. I've had many customers request basic Selmer style brown plastic resonators on 10M and 30Ms too. In fact, Chris Watrous in our shop plays a 267xxx 10M and chose to pad it up with brown plastic resonators because he was looking for a certain richness of sound without letting it get too bright.


           Mark Overton



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      1. by saxgourmet
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        12 years ago

        Re: Conn 30M

        before I switched to horns of my own design and manufacture, I played 30M' one time I had four of them for my personal use...I tried multiple set ups, and finally settled on Saxgourmet kangaroo leather pads from MusicMedic with solid copper Maestro resonators which pretty much extended out to the tone holes....yes, Mark is right in that they are plenty firm, but I find that to be a good MUST use key clamps, of can see pictures of me and my favorite 30M ("Lucretia", which was cryoed and delacquered) in the Runyon mouthpiece ads of the early 1990's when I was their spokesman ("if you want to rock, get a Runyon"...)

        New Orleans

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