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by jdugar
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6 years ago

1950s Bundy Tenor Sax worth repairing?

My daughter has been learning the clarinet and wants to play tenor sax. A neighbor gave us a 1950s Bundy Tenor Sax, but it needs restoration. I understand that these horns are the same design as the 1950s Beuscher and were made by the same company. I took it by our local music repair guy and he has quoted me $975 to completely repair and restore this horn. I don't know anything about instruments and not sure if this horn is worth it. It seems like a lot of money for a vintage student horn. We will still need to purchase a case and mouthpiece. Would $1000 be better spent on another tenor sax or would I be stupid to not restore this vintage?

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  1. by GFC
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    6 years ago

    Re: 1950s Bundy Tenor Sax worth repairing?

    The Bundy I was a good student horn, but the $975 repair cost seems excessive for just getting a student horn in good working order. If it's really that trashed, its economic life is over. And that's not even considering the cost of a case and mouthpiece.

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    1. by dgallego
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      6 years ago

      Re: 1950s Bundy Tenor Sax worth repairing?

      I would take it to a different shop to get a quote.  Find a sax guy to look at it.  It sounds high for a student horn overhaul. 

      I am not a Bundy fan so I would think long and hard about putting that much into a Bundy horn.  That being said that era horns were decent.  Stay away from the 70's Bundys they were experimenting with some wierd materials.  Some were good some not so good. 

      I would look at a New Yamaha for a little more money because it may be that the Bundy needs alot of work and not worth it.    I like Conn, buesher and Selmer vintage horns but I do like the Yamaha stuff I am seeing. 

      A good setup and the right mouthpiece is critical.  

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