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by dgnielson
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7 years ago

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax--Need Info

I have a Yanagisawa Tenor Sax I'm wanting to sell and I'm looking for information on it so I can determine what it might be worth. I purchased it new in 1980. The only markings on it are "Japan" and the serial number "77800182" on the lower back, engravings on the bell with "MADE BY YANAGISAWA" and the number "182" under various keys. I played it for about a year, then only a few times since. It is in near new condition, except a blemish on the neck that was there when I bought it, and a few other minor rough spots. No scratches or dents. For being over 30 years old, it is in great condition. If anyone could give me ANY info, or point me somewhere that can--I'd appreciate it.

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