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A good repair person!!

Those of you who live near a good sax repair shop are truly blessed. I have to drive over a hundred miles in heavy traffic to even get an adjustment! Before, I considered the repair shop I was useing to be a long drive (40 miles)..... Now he's retired and to get a reair is really a hassle......Kelsey

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    Re: A good repair person!!

    Good topic, great question. Here is a site which includes tons of links to extensive readings on this. --- ---Called "Your Sax Shop" really worked for me. It also features a fantastic product centering around woodwind repair and "Making Your Own Repair Tools". It's a simple process . Must have for those on a budget in saxophone repair. This is for you. Professional instructions explain in detail how to "Make and Use" this huge array of tools for woodwind repair. Tools you can create are tone hole files 20 sizes, pip buffer, swedging pliers, post swedger, pad spatulas, pad slicks, pad iron, key cup benders, magnetic dent removal, spring adjusters, leak lights, corks and felts, shop set up, cleaning, polishing. Including Links to 75 learning sites. If you have trouble locating it "You can also search Ebay for "Your Sax Shop" or Saxophone Repair Tools". or email me for the latest site location. This an amazing product to kick off your home shop . Let me know if this was helpful. . Check it out: Or See an image here;

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