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6 years ago

Unkown year,No Serial, Mirage Alto Sax

My mother got me an Alto sax (which i kinda dont need) Said she got it from a pawn shop for me last christmas. Every mouthpiece i tried it was hard to blow and when i took it to various shops they said it was fine. well it's not and they wouldnt tell me if this was a big brand and it seems very generic or french. It's alittle heavy for an alto and made out of metal. Silver Plated and past owner *which was not given* put some protective stuff so when it was in some storage. Keys clack alot.Possibly some professional model at the time because it was a high f# key and it's heavy so it has like more copper (what i heard about pro models).id give this to a student or begginer saxophonist. Just about everything is metal.THe resonators on the pads are metal and the tone holes are straight, not folded. and there has to be some wont work. Especially low octave. THough the key's get stuck alot. when i do play it, i clean it and i use my Meyer Mouthpiece. The feel doesnt not look,sound or feel like an alto sax.springs pretty good, little bent,prballyt weak. no wear or scratches or rust and stuff like that. and the protective stuff i said earlier is like a film. Pads and springs probally original. Engraving on the bell. Neck ok with one little dent in it.pretty straight foward Worst part, No Serial Number and doesnt really play good. Searched online they sell for like $100- $200 and she bought this for like $300 becasue she put it on layaway -_- . Maybe like those mass produeced...anyways please help, i want to get a better alto than this

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