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Good tenor saxophone

Hello, I'm in high school and I'm looking for a good saxophone. I don't want a beginner level sax. But I don't really want a professional grade sax either. I guess that leaves an intermediate. I am picky about the looks.. I like the black body with gold keys, but I don't want one of those. I've only been playing tenor for about 4 months, but I love it. (I've been in music since 3rd grade) soo I don't want to come across as some really good sax player with a fancy sax. My favorite is probably gold body with silver keys. As far as price goes around $500 would be nice. I can go up to $1000 if necessary, but really no more than that. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. by GFC
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    7 years ago

    Re: Good tenor saxophone

    Your best option in that price range would be to look at used horns. Don't get too caught up in how the horn looks. There are lots of pretty looking new tenors for sale under $1000 and most of them are junk. I learned on a Martin Indiana. It was a good sounding, nice blowing horn, if a little old fashioned in its keywork. They go for well under $1000 and are more than just a student horn. Elkhart Conns made between 1955 and 1969 are good intermediate level horns that can be had for between $500 and $1000 depending on condition. Just be sure it says "Elkhart, Indiana" on the bell. You might be able to get a used Yamaha YTS-23 for under $1000. They have a reputation for being well made, reliable, and easy to play. If you MUST have a shiny new horn, Kessler, CE Winds, Walstein, and Antigua are solid companies with student tenors for around $1000.

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