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by Spike33
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6 years ago

1920 Harwood ,Silver, Beuscher Professional Alto

I am new to the saxquest forums. I wonder if any of the experts out there could please give me some info about my sax. On the front of the bell is engraved: HARWOOD Professional Jenkins Music Co Kansas City MO Rear is engraved: 84154 Low Pitch Any info would be appreciated . Thank You

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  1. by Darragh
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    6 years ago

    Re: 1920 Harwood ,Silver, Beuscher Professional Alto

    Hi there! I'm trying to find out about my Harwood Professional myself, and I can tell you that you're goning to get little help online. It is ridiculously hard to find any information on this instrument anywhere. I can tell you anyway, the "Low Pitch" refers to the fact that the instrument is built to 440Hz. The student range phenomenon was not around in the 1920's, as the saxophone would not have been commercially available for 50 years by 1920, so it would have been either a decent saxophone, or an exceptional one. To prevent taking credit for someone else's research, here is a link that I found useful that answered the most amount of questions. I hope I have helped in some way. Darragh

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