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by asterix2k10
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6 years ago

Keilwerth low A SX90R Bari for jazz?

I just bought a Keilwerth SX90R low A bari in regular lacquer made around '06. I have never played bari before, I am alto player looking to make the switch. I don't know a whole lot about baris. I am concerned that I may not have bought the ideal sax for my needs. I like to play jazz - bebop, swing, ballads. I go for a smooth tone that is expressive with lots of nuance and subtlety. On alto I played a vintage Martin Committee. I have been reading that low A baris are not as good for playing jazz. This is mainly what I'm concerned about. Also, I'm basically unfamiliar with the qualities of the Keilwerth brand. 

I'm wondering if I made the right choice for the long-term. Also, what kind of mouthpieces should I try? Thanks!

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  1. by Saxquest
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    6 years ago

    Re: Keilwerth low A SX90R Bari for jazz?

    Hey man, don't sweat've got a great bari sax. The Keilwerth SX90R is a terrific jazz bari. Keilwerth is a great brand. You do get a different resonance from a Bb bari, but you can be plenty expressive on a low A.

    Your last question is what you need to be focusing on. Finding the right mouthpiece will make all the difference. I would recommend playing on as many pieces as you can. If you're anywhere near a store that stocks stuff take advantage of this and play every brand in the shop and see what works for you. If you're looking for a big sound try a Lawton, Jody Jazz, or Warburton. If you're looking for more of a straight ahead thing try Otto Link or Vandoren B95. Berg Larsen can also be a great piece with great presence. This may read like a cop out by being vague, but its not. The real answer is what works best for you and these are all great mouthpieces. You just need to figure out which one speaks to you. Best of Luck!!!


         Mark Overton

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