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by fav37thingz
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6 years ago

sound quality

I've only been playing the alto for about 4mos. and by the end of this year I would like to play for my church. I know that my sound quality is still improving but I want to know how much does sound quality depend on the type of saxophone you play on? What's the difference between the sound quality of a professional sax and a beginner sax? My beginner sax is a refurbished rental. Should I buy a new sax before I consider playing for a crowd?

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  1. by Saxquest
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    6 years ago

    Re: sound quality

    Your sound is actually going to be more affected my your mouthpiece choice than your instrument choice. I could play on a cheap student sax with my good mouthpiece and sound great. But give me a crummy plastic mouthpiece and the best saxophone on the planet and my sound will not be so great.

    So, I would first make sure you have a good mouthpiece before you start looking at a new horn. For your playing venue. If you dont', I would recommend looking at a Vandoren Optimum or Selmer C* mouthpiece. Also, BG has just come out with a nice classical mouthpiece. These are all available at great prices on 

    Also, assuming your current saxophone is at least functional, I would wait to purchase a new saxophone until you've been playing for at least a year. This will allow you to develop as a player to the point where you can adequately judge for yourself the subtle differences from horn to horn. 



         Mark Overton

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  2. by gloss1
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    6 years ago

    Re: sound quality

    Get you a vintage c-melody saxophone for church and experiment with different alto mouthpieces. Out of this world. I have rebuilt and sold to date about 25 of them and they all have been great players no matter who made them. They are just effortless to play. Don't use the c-melody mouthpieces that comes with them because they are all terrible like blowing into a stopped up water hose. God Bless and good luck on your quest.

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