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by AMaranzano
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6 years ago

Greetings and Salutations

Hello Everyone,


Angelo Maranzano here.  Glad to have found this great site.  Not new to music but getting back into the swing of playing a "real" instrument.  I've been away from musci for some time now and feel bad about it.  I had a very formal music education and I gave it up due to the complexity of living in a capitalistic society.  More info about me in the Bio section of my profile. 


Well I am looking to learn about vintage horns and anything and everything that is related to the Sax.  Currently considering this beauty:

Any input will be appreciated.  I guess I am looking at this horn due to its price of course, but mainly due to the age.

I restore vintage fountain pens, so antiques are in my liking.  Probably main reason why I liked this horn.  If anyone has an opinion on what Alto I should consider please, I am a newbie in the better sense of the word.


Again great to be hear and look fore to years of participation and to the frindships to be made here.




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