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6 years ago

saxophone sheet music problems finding

The sheet music for sacxophone is becoming a real problem now days and has not been easy to get since the seventies. the music now days I noticed has been more and more babied and watered down and made as easy-intermediate level, and nothing real challenging or written for professional level has been distributed from the major music publishing companies like music minus one an hal leaonard...what are we professional level musicians supposed to buy? Not only that, but trying to get vintage original versions of past popular songs that make up our history and what are grandpas played is pretty impossible to get our hands on, who's hanging on to those?!I've checked libraries, online, tec., no avil! Another kind of music I've been dying to find and get is the funk, contemporary jazz and the oldies rock for that whailing tenor sax they played through the 40's-50's...Hal leanord, etc has been producing new rock like Led Zepplin and trying the sell that junk ..for a saxophone??? How Retaded!!...sell the real rock'n roll sax.. it was really sounded good on and played in our american history on a tenor.....who's behind all this comunism and mumble-jumble?, and who's being so greedy and starving our sax players of our jazz off the radio now... and our sheet music!! This is really gotten rediculous!!

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