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by nel4ever
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6 years ago

Forestone reeds Japan

Hello To all members.

Has anyone here tried out the new forestone reeds from japan? I believe that they are great sythetic reeds with great projection, durability, tone and more. No need to use cane. But of course everyone has a particular preference. I have been unsing them for about 3 months and absolutly love the. They come in two cuts, filed and unfiled. The filed cut is more of a bright and fat sound sound for the POP, FUNK ETC PLAYER. The unfiled cut is intenteded to give the player a more focus and warmer sound from the 50,s and 60,s which i love .

So, respectfully invite you to check them out at my saxophone store at Hope to hear from all of you and share opinions. No disrespect intended towards this wonderfull website . 

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  1. by ninewinds
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    6 years ago

    Re: Forestone reeds Japan

    I use them on tenor and baritone, sometimes soprano saxophone also. I find them very consistant.

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