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by CharlesSax
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6 years ago

videos playing in Video Section on

Hi Guys-

     I just went to the video section of and saw a Dexter Gordon video posted that was taken in 1964. I'd love to check this out, but every time I try to view it I get a green screen that shows. The audio plays just fine, but the video just shows this green screen. I saw that it was originally posted on You Tube. So, I went to You Tube and I get the same green screen when trying to see this video. I'd love to check it out as Dex is one of my favorites. Does anyone else get this same problem? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance..........


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  1. by Saxquest
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    6 years ago

    Re: videos playing in Video Section on

     Hi Chuck-
         This is an issue with your browser settings. I assume you're using a PC with Windows 7 operating system. It happens all the time to people so I'm glad you ask here so others can see how to fix it.

    1) Right click on the video as your mouse is hovering over the thumbnail image for the video.

    2) Click the Settings option

    2) Your'll see these tabs: Display, Privacy, Local Storage, Microphone and Camera.

    3) Under Display, UNCHECKED the 'Enable hardware acceleration' tickbox.

    4) Refeshed your browser and you should be able to see the image. Don't forget to refresh or the old setting will be cashed and the video still won't show.

    here's the original link wherer you can find the answer to this issue:



         Mark Overton

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