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by Bella
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6 years ago

Selling my Mom's Selmer Mark VI....HELP!

I am trying to sell a Saxophone for my mother.  She obtained it from a relative and does not know much about it besides what is imprinted on it.  She thought it might be a 1967 or 1968 but I did a quick search on the serial number and I think it might be a 1965. 

It reads on the Sax SELMER HENRI PARIS, NEW YORK, ELKHART, LONDON, MADE IN FRANCE and has a circle with the letter R in the center.  The serial number is 125053.  It is in what looks like its original SELMER zippered case with crushed purple lining.

A while back she did take it somewhere and although she really didn't know what to ask the man he did tell her it was a really nice Sax and in good shape.

My mother wants me to list the Sax on ebay but I am not sure that is the best way to go and I don't even know what to ask for it. 

Any help for be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. by CharlesSax
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    6 years ago

    Re: Selling my Mom's Selmer Mark VI....HELP!

    The Selmer Mark VI is a very desired saxophone and this one looks very nice. I would not post it on eBay if you want to get the best price for it. eBay is good for moving things quickly at an average price, but not so good for getting top dollar. Most of the people who troll eBay are resellers. If I were you, I would contact a reputable vintage saxophone dealer like Saxquest. They have people calling every day asking about buying horns.

    I recently sold my trusty old Mark VI on consignment with Saxquest and they were awesome. They sold it quickly for a very good price and only took a 10% consignment fee. They had to do a bit of repair work to the horn, but didn't ask for any money for the repair until the horn had sold and I got a discount on the repair since I sold it through them. I initially listed it on Craig's List, but I got a bunch of calls from out of town people asking me all kinds of questions that I didn't really know the answer too such as had tone holes ever been filed, was it original lacquer, was it bright or dark sounding, etc...... I don't know, I just played the horn years ago and had fun with it. Everyone also tried beating me up on price and wanted guarentees and return rights and it just got to be a big pain in the rear quickly. eBay didn't look like much of a better option either. I choose to let Saxquest deal with all of that and it sent them the horn to sell for me.

    I'm just getting back into playing after half a lifetime away from the horn. I wanted the best modern sax that I could get and settled on a P. Mauriat System 76-UL. I got along well with my old Mark VI, but I always struggled with pitch even back when I played it every day. So, out with the old and in with the new as they say :). 

    Best of Luck selling your Mark VI as it looks like a beauty!!!


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  2. by saxman76
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    5 years ago

    Re: Selling my Mom's Selmer Mark VI....HELP!

    I have a horn identical to yours -- except it is 1969 #163xxx.  Mine is also in mint condition in the original case with 100% original lacquer.

    I have been asking the same question as to value this past week and (of course) I get different opinions!  An internet search of various websitesshow asking prices that range from $5 to $8k and >.  

    So far I have been told these factors come in to play:

    1. Year made (5 digit serial numbers--1960 and earlier horns, worth more)

    2. How much original lacquer is on horn? More = more $

    3. How much damage or repair has the horn undergone?

    4. Probably #1 factor--how does it SOUND? Is it PLAYABLE?

    Your horn looks in mint condition too.  May I suggest have a professional play it to test the playability.

    I was cautioned not to use ebay (they take 20%).  From what I have read here this site and are very good.

    I wish they had a bluebook printed for these things!


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