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by virendersethi
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6 years ago

Yamaha YAS 62 versus YAS 82Z

I presently own YAS-32E and very soon I am going to buy a new professional horn.
I tried YAS-62 and YAS-82. Both sounded very close to eachother but there is a significant price difference between both. Please guide me which one is better ? I could not justify the higher price of YAS-82Z. May be, I am missing some thing here.
Please help. 

By the way, I tried Selmer Reference 54 (brand new) and found that the screw head on a link very close to the thumb rest had a sharp burr and I almost cut my thumb. Did not expect such poor craftmanship on such an expensive horn....

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  1. by GFC
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    6 years ago

    Re: Yamaha YAS 62 versus YAS 82Z

    If you like your sound with the less expensive horn as much as with the more expensive one, why not? 

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