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by Jessef
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5 years ago

It has been almost a decade, but I'd like to play again.

Hi everyone

I played Alto Sax for about 10 years, during school and a bit afterwards.  I alwyas thought I was halfway decent and did progress nicely during school.  I just never really had the drive for it.  I didn't have internet at home so I didn't really discover Jazz until much later on.  

I guess that now the more time that I'm away from playing, the more I come to the realization of how much I loved to played. 

So here's the deal, It has been 8 years and I suck, bad.  I lost most of my sheet music, and all of the music shops around me have apparantly gone under.  I need help finding scale sheets, and beginner/Intermediate music to play.  My sax has been sitting for almost a decade so I also need some maintenace tips.

Any advice given on the subject is gladly welcomed.

Thanks in advance for the help! 

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: It has been almost a decade, but I'd like to play again.

    If you're looking for tips on practicing and technique, and links to online lessons and exercises, here's a great place to start:

    If you're looking for jazz repertoire the folks who put out the real book have some great resources for sale in digital form - printable music, music CDs, and such.  Do an online search for real book.

    You definitely don't want the condition of your horn to hold you back, so a once-over to check sealing and action are well worthwhile.  I found a great resource for diagnosis, maintenance and adjustment tips.  They also sell basic maintenance supplies if you decide to be a do-it-youself-er. BSWE also has an "ask a technician" series hosted by Matt Stohrer, who's an A-1 technician who explains things in understandable terms.  Whether or not DIY maintenance is suitable depends entirely on you and your situation - your patience, mechanical aptitude, and access to good technicians are the most important variables.  I've been disappointed in the work of music store techs who are not woodwind specialists, so I opt to do most maintenance myself.  If there are other players in your area, ask who they use for tech help, what they're like to do business with, and how they feel about the results.  Good techs are golden.

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