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by Set6396
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6 years ago

Conn Alto Sax

Ok, I am trying to figure out what model alto saxophone I have. It has mother of pearl keys and the Conn is ingraved with a fireworks decal. The serial number is E82285. I am trying to sell it so my parents have enough money to pay the rent. Can anyone tell me how much this is worth?

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  1. by JonHuff
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    6 years ago

    Re: Conn Alto Sax

    A Conn with serial number Exxxxx dates to 1965. Unfortunately these horns aren't worth a whole lot. They can be ok student model horns, but with so much student stuff out there the prices just aren't very good. Fully restored with all new pads, it can sell for somewhere in the $400-450ish price retail. If it needs work, then obviously less depending on what it needs.

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