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by Lissly6017
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5 years ago

Lyon and Healy Saxophone?

My father owns this saxophone. its serial number is 56156 I would like some information on this Sax year how much they are worth anything else anyone can tell me. I know absolutely nothing about saxophones

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Lyon and Healy Saxophone?

    Lyon and Healey was a stencil brand that marketed horns made by Martin and Buescher.  Stencil horns were low cost horns with features watered down from those the manufacturers marketed under their own brands.  There are some good stencil horns, but they don't have a whole lot of market value.  Some stencil horns play quite well and players seek bargains among them.

    If your horn has toneholes consisting of heavy brass rings soldered onto the body it was made by Martin.  If it has toneholes drawn from the same piece of brass as the body it was made by Buescher.  

    Look for an "H" or and "L" or the words "high pitch" or "low pitch."  If you have a high pitch horn, it cannot be played in ensemble and is essentially worthless.  

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