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Hello Friends

Hello Friends.  just got here. My name is Jeff Bales. I started playing sax when I was 8 or 9 in 1960 and inherited an Elkart alto from my uncle. 5 years later, I upgraded to a Bundy tenor that I played as solo tenor in every school jazz band every year and in as many rock, blues and jazz bands along with bass guitar and other instruments. My last band was a pick-up band my senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill that opened the 1974 N.C. Collegiate Jazz Festival in which I played both tenor sax and bass guitar(at different times :-). Following graduation 2 weeks later, I was a passenger in an auto accident that nearly killed me. My left side was paralyzed and thus ended my musical career... almost. I bought an Arp Pro Soloist monophonic synthesizer, intending to play bass on it, but am not really a keyboard player. The musicians I knew or played with have all moved on while I've been trying to cope with a severe disability and my other friends have moved on professionally. I sold my bass and guitar and gave away my amp that had deteriorated over the past 40 years. My sax is in great shape. I had it repadded and corked. All keys and posts are MOP and I have 3 custom mouthpieces I bought over the years. I would like to sell it. It's in great shape and I'd still be playing it if my left hand/arm weren't paralyzed. I taught sax, bass and basic piano online at the former, where I finished ranked #1 in Fiction, Disabilities, Instrument Instruction and 4 other music categories and was going to advise the lady here on what sax to buy her daughter when I got waylayed by all this registration foolishness. Off to look for her question again. Nice to meet you.

I know Matt Kendrick(one of the best bassists/jazz composers in the world). and played with some of the musicians in The Matt Kendrick Unit.

Online I go by tutorjb1. Please visit my groups at and

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  1. by Saxquest
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    11 years ago

    Re: Hello Friends

    Hi Jeff-
         Welcome aboard! Your life-story of staying active with music by helping others despite a severe disability is truly inspiring.

         Mark Overton

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    1. by tutorjb1
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      11 years ago

      Re: Hello Friends

      Thank you for your kind words, Mark. I do my best to help people and am not trying to sell them anything.

      I came here during an effort to learn how much new Bundy tenor saxes are selling for, but can't find a source for basic Bundy saxes. If you or anybody here would help me find a retail outlet for Bundy saxes, I would very much appreciate it.


      I bought my Bundy tenor in 1966 at Duncan Music in Winston-Salem, N.C., and had it repadded and corked there for $400 two years ago and haven't played it since. It didn't need any spring work and is in like-new condition; actually better than new considering the three custom mouthpieces I bought for it over the years. That and the fact that all keys and posts are MOP(that they don't even put on new Selmers any longer) lead me to believe I should be able to sell it for close to what  new Bundy tenors sell for and that is why I'm trying to learn the retail price of new Bundy tenors when purchased from a legitimate brick and motor store; not from any online outlet where after-sale support is suspect or nonexistant and you can't carry a horn back in for help or returns if you have any problems. I'm willing to support and teach whoever buys my sax for life (at least as long as I live) because I know it's in excellent condition because I'm the only one who's played it and cared for it since it was new and being a professional musician have only made improvements to it. I'd still be playing it 46 years after buying it if I could and didn't have so many other business interests and artistic outlets(mainly novel-writing and teaching writers online). Thank you very much for your kind words and any help you can offer. I can be found as tutorjb1 at and as Jefferson Bales at in the Creative Writing and Writing Books categories. My main Yahoo group is

      Thanks again,

      JB :-)

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