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by ellieo
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5 years ago

What's a good saxophone for me?

Hey guys!
I've been playing alto saxophone for three years at my school and will probably try to get grade 5 and 6 AMEB certificates next year. I'm really enjoying playing saxophone and think that I will probably continue it for a long time- although it probably won't be a profession- but my current saxophone ( a Yamaha AS100) is getting a bit worn and as a result I'm trying to find another one.
At the moment, I think a second hand professional one may be the way to go as I don't want to spend thousands of dollars ($4,000 is probably a max at this stage), but would like a decent sax. 
I've been looking around and there seem to be decent reviews on YAS82Z and a few Selmers ( speciffically the Series III) and I was wondering if you had any opinions on these saxophones or any suggestions for others. I think an important thing for me is good tone and tuning and any saxophone that promotes these traits would be great. 
So basically, any advice or help would be appreciated.

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: What's a good saxophone for me?

    It's really a personal choice.  What is the style you want to develop and what are the tonal characteristics that speak to you?

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