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by chowjm
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6 years ago

Crusader sax - with Series number 8215

hi, i am a new user here, currently i found an Alto Sax - Crusader sax with serius number 8215.
the seller informed me that the age of this sax is about 80 yrs ++, and he did replaced new pad and this horn is working well.
He offered me this horn at USD300++, do you think is worth to buy?
Can any of you give me any advice?
thank you.

Paul Chow

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  1. by GFC
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    6 years ago

    Re: Crusader sax - with Series number 8215

    The first question is whether that horn is stamped "high pitch" or "low pitch."  If it is a high pitch horn, its main use is as a decoration. 

    That horn is a "stencil" horn. Stencil horns were inexpensive horns produced for merchandisers who sold them under their own brands. They were often good horns. The features were often slightly different from those on the horns that the manufacturers sold under their own brands, and based on earlier designs. That horn has some features similar to early Buescher True Tones. 

    The horn looks in reasonably good shape, but some of the keywork is antiquated even by vintage horn standards. It lacks a front F bridge key, which puts a severe limitation on the playability of the horn near the top of the range. The button style G# key is clunky to play. So if you're looking for a horn as a mainstream player, you might find those aspects of the keywork frustrating.    It might be a fun horn to learn on, but it will limit you to fairly rudimentary technique.

    The fact that it's a stencil horn and not a manufacturer branded horn also affects its value and the price reflects that. $300 reasonable for its condition and inherent limitations?  I think so, IF it is a low pitch.  Is it a great deal?  I doubt it.

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