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by bradg
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5 years ago

Bundy BTS 300- Rental or Ruin?

Hi all-
Please help if you can.
I played in hegh school, and i am now 49 years old. I have thought about picking sax back up for a couple of years now. Not a rare situation I gather from perusing the forum. 
A local shop will rent to me a new Bundy BTS 300. I know the cost over the full rental term is rediculous and all of that, and I should really decide to buy or not in the frist three months etc.
My question is really about the horn.
Is this a horn that would just frustrate me and make me want to quit? Or will it be something that I can reach the full range of notes reasonably if I practice and work on my embouchure?
Will it always sound like crap and make me want to quit?
I really would appreciate any advice- especially if you have experience with this horn-

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Bundy BTS 300- Rental or Ruin?

    Students generally do one of two things:  quit or outgrow student horns.  For that reason, there is always a good supply of student horns in circulation, which causes the value of a new student horn to depreciate rapidly.  They're seldom a good value proposition.

    Matt Stohrer has some interesting thoughts on the ins and outs of horns for students in this article:

    They apply especially to an adult student such as yourself. 

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