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by mouxpl
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5 years ago

How delicate the saxophone really is?

hi everybody,

I am contemplating buying a saxophone for quite some time. The price is the only reason of my hestitatoin, and forgive me if i will sound ignorant but does this instrument need to cost that much?

Also I found while googling that it's easier to repair a saxophone than to buy it. There seem to be more repair shops than retailers. This makes me wonder is a saxophone that delicate?




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  1. by saxjohnny
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    5 years ago

    Re: How delicate the saxophone really is?

    Yes, it's a delicate instrument but that doesn't mean you can't handle it day in and day out without breaking it. You need to be carefull by being carefull as to where you grab it, avoiding things like rods and springs.

    Certain things will go and eventually have to be replaced such as the most common one being the pads. These can retain moisture and will eventually wear out. The good news replacing one or two every once in a while is not an expensive job.

    About the cost...

    Ypou certainly don't need to spend a lot of money. Buy a decent student model in the 400-700 price range. If the horn needs minor work, don't worry, not a big deal as most things can be fixed quickly and easily....if it was run over by a truck... maybe reconsider!

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