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by OliviaD
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6 years ago

Buescher Low Pitch-True Tone Silver 1920's

I posted this once before, but it was about 4 years ago... I think I am ready to sell this beautiful instrument, but have no clue on what it is worth... can anyone help me?


My parents bought this saxaphone for me years ago at a flea market. At the time is was in pieces, but still in the orig case. I think they paid $10 for it. It has since been refinished and is in beautiful working order. I played it ocassionally in marching band, not knowing at the time I had a vintage sax. It only comes out of its case once a year or so when I feel the mood strike. I would be willing to sell to someone who would play it more often and truly enjoy it, but for now I'm curious if anyone can give me an appraisal on this item? Serial No #136849 Low Pitch-True Tone Silver finish Alto Sax Had a problem with the octave key, but had it fixed. The gentleman that fixed it wouldn't charge me because he played it for a few hours... Said it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard and that being able to play it was worth more than anything I could pay him to fix it!

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  1. by GFC
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    6 years ago

    Re: Buescher Low Pitch-True Tone Silver 1920's

    Well.... sounds like it's in good condition, but it's not a tremendously valuable horn.  The keywork on early 1920s True Tones is antiquated even by vintage horn standards, which places some real limitations on serious playing.  It would be less valuable than the True Tones from just a few years later, which have an improved LH table and a front F bridge key.  Saxgourmet lists the maximum value of a True Tone alto at $900.  The keywork on yours would tend to drive the value down in the market for player's horns.

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