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by ahoffman
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5 years ago

old sax

I would like to find out some information about a sax that belonged to an uncle; maybe circa 1910-1920ish.  The saxophone is sliver has a heart with art deco type engraving around it.  Inside the heart it says "The Elkhart" below it says Elkart Ind. USA.  The keys appear to be mother of pearl (?).  On the back by the thumb hold (?) is the number 8278, but no other markings.   No where on this instrument  is the name Beuscher, nor any other marks/brands that I can find.  Can anyone help me?

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: old sax

    Elkhart was a stencil brand for horns made by Conn, Buescher, and Martin.  Stencil horns were watered-down versions of horns that the manufacturers sold under their own names.  Stencils weren't intended for the serious player market, but some were quite nice. Sometimes they combined features of horns originating from different manufacturers, so figuring out the true origin can be tricky.  If your horn has tonehole chimneys  soldered on instead of drawn out of the body, it definitely came from the Martin factory. 

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