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Ive played the alto saxophone for five years. However, I stopped playing for four years. Im now in college and I bought a saxophone because I really wanted to continue but it wasnt a priority then. Be that as it may, I know how to play I'm just rusty, gotta waken back up my muscle memory. So, I'm looking for a mouthpiece because I no longer have my old one. Be mindful that im not a beginner, I was constantly getting better playing in a band before I stopped. Im more intermediate and need practice. I bought a Beucher as well so, if any one could offer up any positive suggestions on mouthpieces in fair price range (Under 100), please chip away.


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  1. by dktramel
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    11 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece

    Meyer or Otto Link mouthpieces are about the best you can do while staying under $100.  Current production Meyer alto pieces are right at $100, and I think Links are somewhere in the ballpark of $80.  You can buy them online, and most local music stores should carry them.

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