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by CMFsaxbro
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11 years ago

Gulf tenor sax

I have a Gulf brand tenor saxophone and im trying to find out more about it. I got it from a friend of mine and hes doesnt know much about it either. It's sort of odd too; it has a shorter neck ( as show in the picture its next to a conn 22m sax) and the keywork is really tight. It plays well and has a very big sound. Any info you guys might have on it would help alot thanks!

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  1. by saxgourmet
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    11 years ago

    Re: Gulf tenor sax

    Built by the Hua brothers in China....really OK horns......the Hua brothers recently sold their factory to the people who own the Buffet brand.....the length of the neck means nothing as long as it is the correct neck for the's the overall length of the horn tat matters, not just the length of a given component

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