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by jrgwartney
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5 years ago

middle school band sax

I just purchased this saxophone for under $30.00.  My son has a clarinet but wants to play saxophone.  The middle school required them to learn clarinet first.  I dont know much about it other than the pics I have.  It is a Conn usa with shooging stars.  I have tried to track the serialnumber..all that is listed is E58693.  

 My neighbor said it was her dads and has beenin the case for awhile.  There is some light wear but for that price I wasnt going to argue.  Can anyone tell me what year this is and if its a good starter for my son, Thank you for.your assistance and merry Christmas

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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: middle school band sax

    That's a great starter saxophone. You'll definitely want to take it into a local repair tech and have it looked over. Its probably 30 or 40 years old. But age doesn't matter in this time frame so long as its been well taken care of. If it hasn't been played in a while expect some repairs to bring it into 100% playing condition.

         Mark Overton

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