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by jamberson
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5 years ago

Advice on a Conn for sale please.

Hi folks.  First off, I have read the buyers guide on this web site and I want you all to know that I'm not being lazy and just throwing out my questions without looking for myself too.

What I have going on is a sax that seems to be SO old that it is covered in vintage horn discussions.

It's a 1902 Conn.  Nickel plated.  From what I gather it's even pre-Wonder.  Will it be clunky action-wise?  I'm coming from a Super Action 80 Series II.  Will I be able to adjust?  Will it be limiting?  He's asking $1200.  Apparently an expert at a proshop valued it at $2500.  I'd like to play on a cool looking vintage horn.  Nice, rich and dark tone.  Trying to get a Dexter Gordon sort of sound.

I've attached a couple pictures.

Thank you very very much for any guidance you guys can offer.

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Advice on a Conn for sale please.

    That's a horn for collectors only.  The keywork is just too primitive for serious playing.  Keywork improved vastly with the New Wonders, Chu Berrys, and 10Ms.  Coming from Selmer keywork, you'd still have to make some major adjustments with one of the later Conns. 

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