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by Average_al
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5 years ago

New Saxophone Player

Hello members,My name is alex. I am 16 and play the drums but really want to learn to play the saxophone. I am continuously looking on ebay and in the newspaper to try to find a good saxophone that is not too expensive but the truth is i dont really even know what kind i should be getting. I am pretty sure i want to play the alto saxophone and want a good jazz sound but i do not know what brands are good. I have heard yamaha and selmer bundys are good but i do not know. I want a sax that will be pretty easy to learn and play but not like a kid one either because i want to be able to play it in the future as well. any advice comments or anything would be great. thanks, alex

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  1. by bboyinmartin
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    5 years ago

    Re: New Saxophone Player

    I think you should rent one first, then buy one. 

    & make sure to try different brands of saxes, because each of them have their own sound and you should choose what you like.

    OR if you wanna really buy one, then just buy one around $1000, or may be even $800. & don't trust ebay that much, it's kind of risky. 

    Also, just saying, that all the mouthpieces have difference tones, (not a big difference)

    You should choose the one you like & if you are going to play jazz music, then go for metal moutpieces. They have clear, and an concentrated sound. 

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